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"I had a swimming pool that i no longer use and i want to renew again. But the problem is that there are many junk and debris filling it. It has become a storage place for everything we throw out like old furniture and appliance. I called you guys and you were really awesome. Before the job started the pool was a dump site, now it is clean and cleared. Thank you so much for your effort."

—Yin, 29, Burlington

"It was really awesome when you have the right company that will do the job for you. Recently, I bought my new home and moved in. My old house is for sale but there are junk and debris left after I moved out from that house. I contacted you guys for your assistance and you responded quickly. In just one day, you made my old home clean. Now, the new owner of the house is eager to relocate there as soon as possible. Thank you for your help."

—Czarina, 38, Burlington

"My garage was really terrible and gives me always a headache every time I see all that junk dumped there. It ate almost half of the place. My problem is where i can dispose those things without violating the law. I don’t want to offend the government. Good thing i called you. You are the solution to my problem. I did not even worry where you will dispose those things."

—Cane, 25, Burlington

"I was really happy about the job that your team did yesterday. I have now a clean and brighter home."

---Katherine, 29, Burlington

"My parents' old garage in our old home is cleaned. Now it is ready for reconstruction for a new room for the house. Thank you."

---Jaime, 29, Burlington

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